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Anxious woman redIf you’re a woman wanting to be financially free, but maybe a little afraid you could end up a bag lady instead, you’ve come to the right place.

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dollarsignDo you have a tax-deferred retirement account?  

>> They're called names like: IRA / 401k / ROTH IRA / 457 / 403b 

dollarsign If you have a tax-deferred account, did you contribute the maximum allowable amount last year?  

>> For 2016, the amounts are (Under age 50/ Over age 50):  >> IRA: $5,500 / $6,500  >> 401k: $18,000 / $24,000 

dollarsignHow much (the percentage) of your gross (pre-tax) income do you save each month or year? 
dollarsignHow many months of living expenses do you keep in a cash-like account

>> FDIC insured savings accounts, cash in your home safe, anywhere you can get it easily and without penalty. 
dollarsign What is your consumer debt to gross income ratio?

>> Excluding a mortgage and loans on income producing assets like commercial real estate and businesses.
dollarsign What's your net income tax rate as a percentage of your gross income? 

>> Include Social Security (FICA) and Medicare taxes. 
dollarsign What interest rate (on average) do you pay on your credit card debt?
dollarsign When did you last check your credit report? 

> You're legally entitled to a free report each year from each credit bureau.

>> You can get yours at 
dollarsign What percentage of your gross (pre-tax) income do you pay for housing?

Include rent/mortgage, average utilities, and taxes or any other mandatory fees.
dollarsign What percentage of your gross (pre-tax) income do you pay for other necessary living expenses?

>> Transportation, insurance, communications - any contractual obligations except debt repayment.
dollarsign Looking back to the last 3 or 4 times you had dinner with friends and relatives, did you usually: 
dollarsign How much disability insurance do you have?
dollarsign Do you know your Net Worth (in dollar terms)? 

>> Net Worth = Assets - Liabilities 
dollarsign Do you know the total value of your retirement assets?

> Deferred savings and investment accounts

>> Plus any pensions and Social Security you've earned.
dollarsign If you sold all your fixed assets, would you get more than you owe on them? 

>> Include your home, car, jewelry, artwork, furnishings, coin collections, etc. 
dollarsign How's your current 5-year financial plan working out? 

>> Many people use a marker birthday (40, 45, 50, 55, etc) as the start and end dates for their medium-term plans. 
dollarsign How close are you to your #1 financial goal? 

>> Usually identified in your long-term plan. 
dollarsign Can you recite, from memory, your top 5 money and investing rules?
dollarsign What type of spending and planning (budgeting) system do you use? 
dollarsign How happy are you with how your financial future looks?
dollarsign BONUS: Any question you'd like to ask us